Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My exhaustion. Let me show you it.

Oh, internets. I would like for it to be Saturday. Right now. A lovely day, when I can sleep past 5:15 and not spend an hour standing in a lab wearing goggles FOR NO REASON while measuring your own foot in centimeters.

(Yes, they made us wear goggles.)

(Yes, it did look as ridiculous as you think it did.)

(Yes, I considered dropping the class.)

I had quite a lot to do today, like the math portion of the GRE, another annotated primary source bibliography, bank, library, etc. I of it. I got home, made sure that I knew an electron was a negative and a proton is positive and that's about it. I even left the kitchen dirty, which I never do and I feel terribly about, but, eh, cannot deal with it right now.

Is it May yet?


mickey said...

I would pay to see you wearing goggles.....oh I just realized that if you are wearing them then imladris is also.....yes I would pay :):):)

rockford said...

Were they afraid the ruler was going to randomly fly out of your hand and attack your face??? Do we need eye covering when we measure at home??? Yes, I too would enjoy pictures of you and imladris in your goggles... I see a facebook post maybe??? As for sleeping on Saturday....sounds good, doesn't it?!!