Thursday, February 19, 2009


Just in case anyone was wondering, the week you have two tests and papers and I don't know, EVERYTHING else? Not a good week to recover from a cold. Because even though thanks to the good people at Vick's you won't feel that decapitation would be more humane than one more second with your current head, you will feel like the work it would take to, like, stand up, is just way too much to even contemplate.

But tomorrow I have off. And I can sit on my hardwood floor and talk about the Penal Laws until the installation guys decide I'm crazy and decamp for more normal work conditions. And it shall be sweet.

Oh, and this has nothing to do with anything, but that kind of hot guy from Eleventh Hour? Could tell me to have a second-trimester c-section any day and I'd be all, "Sure, sign me up. Hold me till the pain goes away?"


imladris said...

"Dr. Hood, I'm so worried about my sister who you've told to have the second-trimester C-section. Hold me till the pain goes away?"

mickey said...

Ah yes....I too like Dr. Hood, but not enough for that c-section stuff:):):) We didn't have time to watch the good Dr. last night but it is recorded!!!