Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm paying eight grand a year for this.

In the past two hours of methods seminar I have:

1.) Checked Facebook.

2.) Updated Facebook status first time.

3.) Answered one question and thus got my participation points for the week.

4.) Found primary source for next week.

5.) Went back to Facebook.

6.) Checked to see if my library books had come in.

7.) Updated Facebook status second time.

8.) Typed lab report and e-mailed to self.

9.) Updated Facebook status third time.

10.) Stalked every single one of my Facebook friends. Okay. I don't have a lot. Whatever.

11.) Contemplated hurling myself through the plate glass window because surely hitting Harford Ave. at terminal velocity must feel better than a three hour seminar when you have a cold.

12.) Studied for Israel test. Still don't know what year the USS Chesapeake was boarded. (Oh. 1807. Got it.)

13.) Wondered why this weird guy across from me is wearing vintage military garb. Not that it's a bad thing- I don't want him to find this and find myself on the top of his hit list. Really n ot.

14.) Wrote this entry.

I'm thinking we'll go back to Facebook now.



Racergirl179 said...

Ok, seriously the guy in the military garb scared the crap out of me. It took me a while at first to figure out if those little buttons on his hat were swastikas or not....cuz at first glance it sure looked like them.

rockford said...

Good to know that your education is going so smoothly!!! This class is really not what you are looking for is it???? but at least you caught up on facebook:) and, sorry I did not respond to you, I was not at the computer, I just had not bothered to sign out....

mickey said...

well it is so good you stayed on top of all the facebook issues today.....:):):)