Saturday, February 21, 2009

Typical Saturday Night at Chez Morena

John: I'm probably a little bit hard on myself.

Me: *snorts*

Mom: No, really? You all are like that. You're crazy. And your father and I never pushed you guys into ANYTHING. We've been nothing but supportive. You *pointing at me* couldn't talk and we thought you were brilliant! But no, John's horrible at guitar, Colleen's horrible at everything, and if Kathleen doesn't get an A she's worthless.

Me: No, we do this all to ourselves. We know that.

Dad: What are we talking about?

Mom: How psychotic the children are.

Dad: Ah, yes.

Mom: I mean God knows we never pushed you into sports!

Everyone: *laughs*

Dad: Thank God you guys never got into soccer. I did not want to go to all those games.


rockford said...

I will never understand why all of you seem so eager to point out your own (percieved) shortcomings!!! We have always and always will think that all of you are the most wonderful people in the world!!!! I wish all of you would agree with that -- you are all so special!!!! btw, I agree with Dad on the soccer thing:)!!!

mickey said...

Do you have any idea how many soccer games I attended?????? and your siblings are great and talented kids...I have yet to figure out what mirror you are looking in to??? :):):)