Thursday, April 30, 2009

Attn: Readers

My mother would like you all to know that we are not, in fact, hill folk. Our Christmas decorations were put away a long time ago, during a month that was definitely not April, and any indication to the contrary was merely poetic license. So. Don't discuss us and snicker at your next family gathering.

That being said, I have nothing else to add except I think I bombed a chemistry quiz this afternoon (well, only one question, but it was worth about 45% of the quiz grade so yeah. Bombed.) and I registered! For classes! For my senior year!

Well, almost completely. I got into Renaissance art and architecture in Italy, a comp lit class about gnosticism, intro to Jewish history, the Arab/Israeli conflict, something called Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed but whatever I'd take something called Watching Me Make A Grocery List if Dr. Crain taught it, and, of course, my thesis. Which I keep forgetting about even though it's going to be significantly more work and more nausea-inducing than the rest of them and all I can say is be thankful you don't live with me! Because for those of you that do? Fall is going to be a bumpy couple of months.

I still need to manually add Jews in Wisconsin, because the stupid computer won't let you do more than 18 credits. Pssh. Whatever. So far there are people enrolled. I don't think I should have too much trouble getting in.

So. Yes. That was my day. Fascinating, no?

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rockford said...

Thank you for clearing up the hill folk misconception -our nativity only remains in place until the first thaw which enables us to find and remove it...and the garland and lights are gone long before that (otherwise it would be unkind of me to mention all of the Christmas lights that we pass which are still lit in March...I can understand leaving them up - I hate the cold as much as anybody and I also usually fret when I see them and assume that they are old people who live there and that they are all alone and physically unable to remove said lights )but I do not understand what makes one say to oneself "self, it is March 30th, I think I will flip on the switch to turn these Christmas lights on pretty!!" Especially when they are red and green flood lights (white lights you can argue are just festive...)just do not get it.... And, on your other, you will be a handful to live with this fall, huh???!!!