Monday, April 13, 2009

So I'm the owner of Wedgewood china...

Very few things will make me laugh when I'm scraping someone else's old potato off of the pattern on a piece of china at 5:00 in the morning, but yeah, T-Money is one of them.

Oh, intenets. It has been a LONG day. I've got nothing.

Stein Optical hired a hot doctor (wedding I'm only going on Mondays from now on.

I've spent entirely too much money on Starbucks today, once helping Colleen study instead of studying for my own exam.

I cannot keep the politics of Middle Eastern oil straight. At all. Palestine? I'm good. WWII? Got it. Even the whole Turks and Armenians thing. 1.7 million massacred and they never apologized, bastards. But oil? I cannot remember the damn company names or the chronology or whatever, I can't afford a car, why do I care? If that is the big essay, I am seriously going to start to cry. It will not be pretty.

That is all.


mickey said...

have a good Tuesday..:)

rockford said...

I'm so glad you have something to laugh about while you wash Wedgewood --- I never minded washing it, but I do not recall giggling while sudsing those dishes either...I hope your exam goes well and you are not asked to discuss big could always mention that we go to citgo because they give free coffee...does that enter into the picture???