Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Cleverly masquerading as an adult.

Today I met with the guy I was hoping would be my thesis advisor to talk about possible topics and generally kill half an hour because yeah, I have nothing else to do like three tests next week and a term paper, no my schedule is totally open, thanks.

Anyway, we talked about topics and how this all would work and a little about John Paul II and yeah, then he starts talking about how I should probably finish the paper in March and hand it into the reading committee.

The what now?

Apparently, I need to pick two other faculty members to be on my committee and grade me. Two faculty members that can even be from another university.

(I'm 21. I work at a bookstore. Do you think I hang out with a lot of tenure-track people? Can I ask Dr. Crain? He likes me. Can I ask my mom? She has a doctorate. She likes me even more. Although she actually graded me harder when she was homeschooling me than Dr. Crain does now. Hmm. Maybe I'll stick with T-Money.)

Yeah...so then it occurs to me, do I have to defend this thing? But as soon as that sentence passes my lips I realize it sounds completely whiny. So I add, "Not that I would have a problem with that, I mean, it would be great experience! *big smile*" And he responds, "I'm not sure, but I think you will have to. But you seem like the kind of person who wouldn't have a problem with that."

Oh. Oh. Haha. You obviously don't know me very well, do you?

Three hours ago I literally had to lay my head down on my desk because I was worried about a paper grade. I have one outstanding grade currently and I'm really freaking out about it, and when I saw the professor in the hallway this afternoon it required more self-control that I'd like to admit to stop myself from throwing my sobbing self at him asking if he could like at least please just tell me it's an A. I don't need any more information than that. Blink once, I swear!

Yep. Totally wouldn't have a problem defending a thesis TWO YEARS before I had planned on it.

Meanwhile, the blog posts a year from now should be fantastic. So, you know, stay tuned for that.

And if you know anyone with a worthless Ph.D. who wants to read my thoughts on Vatican II and smile encouragingly at me after I crawl out of the fetal position in the corner, tell them to friend me on Facebook.

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rockofrd said...

Yes, I did grade you harder when you were homeschooled - but look at where your education has gotten you - you are now talking about defending a thesis!!! Are you not happy that you attended a "tough" homeschool for your formative years??!!! Just kidding - because you know how much I enjoyed homeschooling all of you - those were by far the best days of my life!!! Anyway, I am so proud of you for what you are doing in college - when I went to UWM there was no defending of anything to get a BA or BS...I just went to class, did the work, took the tests and showed up at graduation...things have changed!!!(Just a thought-- if you ask to have your Mommy on the panel it may not express the correct degree of maturity...just sayin'...!!)