Sunday, April 12, 2009

These are the Cubs, right?

Why. Why at every family party must we watch baseball? It just makes me feel inferior. The few times I've actually gone to a game, I've been able to follow it. I felt ridiculously proud of myself, because I was able to keep the whole "run=point" thing straight in my head (CALL IT A POINT, DAMMIT), but on TV? Meh, notsomuch.

Maybe those are just the manhattans. I do so love a good manhattan.

Meanwhile, I'm going to fail art history tomorrow. Easter weekend? SUCKS as a time to study. Just letting you all know. It's up at 5 o'clock tomorrow again...


mickey said...

lol....these are the cubs:):)

rockford said...

You got up at 5 but you cleaned the kitchen instead of studying for your exam -- now it is 3:39 and I am praying for you:) but it was a fun Easter, wasn't it??? Two wonderful parties - it does not get better than that!!!