Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Isaac Mizrahi never got to Lenin.

Today in the Class of the Damned Cuban history we talked about this Newsweek article that discussed the possibility of closing Guantanamo Bay as a base, but reopening it (still as US territory) as a free-trade outpost, complete with a Wal-Mart.

One of the ever-concerned and totally-in-touch-with-reality bleeding hearts in the class raised their little liberal hand and asked if honestly? Would the Cuban people really want that that much? Why would they want the corruption of capitalism?

To which my reply is...wait until they get a Target.

Target? Would change Leon frickin' Trotsky into a capitalist.

No, I didn't want to become a prostitute. But there is a beautiful gray brocade scarf that I can't afford and really want and if hooking at a truck stop would get it for me? I AM THERE. Even after fifty years of Grandpa Fidel and his no, really! You don't want meat! It's bad for you! This is much healthier! I'm fairly certain that Target and it's glorious reasonably priced and totally mix-and-matchable misses department? Would tempt the Cubans away from their superior socialist system.

Also. Scarves look fantastic on people with deeper skin tones.


rockford said...

good to know that the strong morals we instilled in you will only go down the drain for a brocade scarf!!! Keep those standards up there, Honey!!! Just kidding -- I know that you were just joking -- right???:)
P.S. Remember how mad we were that Target was going to ruin the beautiful farmland on the corner....

mickey said...

you will be the best dressed "lady" on the corner....