Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Maybe my thesis will begin with, "So, have you seen that movie Keeping the Faith? With Edward Norton?"

It's official. As of this afternoon, I am over methods class. Any tender feelings I may have had because of my lovely secondary sources note have disappeared and I feel that failing out and becoming a full-time gelato chef or something would be preferable to finished this paper.

No, I didn't just write my entire analysis of the David Frost and Richard Nixon 28-hour interview based on a two-second portion of the Frost/Nixon movie trailer. Pssh. That would be irresponsible. I'm a serious academic here.

Except I totally did.

Who's an asset to any MA program now, Dr. Austin?


rockford said...

You really didn't, did you??? I know that you write well but that may be pushing it just a bit....:)This is not the Watergate paper you speak of, is it?? Because you know I am really (being a watergate junkie - who else would have snuck into that hotel to take a picture of the door to a hotel room?!) looking forward to reading that paper!!

imladris said...

I am so in favor of you becoming a full-time gelato chef.