Wednesday, April 08, 2009

This is why the IRA has any funding at all.

I tend to not side with the Catholic community in the whole Northern Ireland conflict thing. I don't really side with the unionists either, but I think both sides needed to just chill the frick out and things would have been okay a whole lot sooner. Nonetheless, after spending several weeks researching Bloody Sunday, I've definitely come down on behalf of the nationalists. I don't know how you can not. I mean, really. Are you going to decide to support the guy shooting at the priest giving last rights to the 17-year-old kid you just mortally wounded? I think not.

Anyway, I was watching the movie Bloody Sunday this morning, a "dramatization" of the "actual" events. Uh-huh. They were suggesting that the British army pre-planned the whole massacre.

I almost dropped my mascara brush (Yes, the only time I have to watch movies is while I get dressed in the morning. Primetime is all CBS, all the time.). Oh, hell no. Now, I will give you that the British screwed up royally in the planning of the military deployment here. The fact that 1 Para was there at all was the most dangerous move ever. And what the individual soldiers or whomever actually ordered them to start shooting (and here's the thing- we don't know if there ever was an order at all- there is no record of it in the transcripts) are despicable. But the British government did not decide going in that they were going to start murdering teenagers.

Oh, my brothers. Why do you have to be so inflammatory?


rockord said... do you want to borrow my button and start singing "Four Green Fields" as you stroll through your day??? I am, however, certain that your great-grandmother, Kitty, would disagree and feel that those British planned the whole thing...but she would be pleased with your conclusion that the British were, in fact, a bit more to blame for all of the death and destruction...

mickey said...

I am not bright enough for this post!!!!!!!