Saturday, April 18, 2009


Okay. So people my age are supposed to be all anti-establishment, urban, up with youth.

I'm not.

I spent two hours at a Starbucks on Farwell and Brady yesterday while my mom was at lunch, and by the end I really, really wanted to get back to Grafton. Well, at least until I realized that Hot TA lived (or at least used to live) on Farwell, and I LOVED Hot TA so much...

This afternoon I went for a walk in Grandpa's neighborhood because there was nothing to do except yard work and I HATE yard work like, for real. And it was so pretty! There were trees and little streets and it was just pretty. I was made for the suburbs.

Except one thing. All men of Fox Point? Just because it's the first warm day since September doesn't mean that you can work outside without your shirt on. Trust me. No one wants to see that.


mickey said...

yes there are some nasty sights when the weather gets nice!!!!!!

rockford said...

Sorry I missed the walk -- does this mean that your Fox Point walking days are over??? They can't is just so pretty there -- I used to go for walks there all of the time (in fact, for one whole school year, the bus dropped me off right where the mailbox is and I walked home from there...)By the way, thanks for the help before the walk!! I realize "goof-off" has a really overpowering smell!!! My head still hurt last night and I was painting and not really using the stuff!!