Friday, April 24, 2009


Oh, internets. It is 7:26. And it is NOT a good day already. I was lazy this morning and didn't do anything I was supposed to, opting instead to sleep until the last possible minute. So I feel like schlub. Then I get out to car and realize that I don't have keys. No worries. The keys are probably inside.

Except wait.

The Empress may have taken them a week ago to go to work and not returned them (NOT being snarky to the Empress, I should have asked for them.)

Okay. We must have another set.

Oh. Right. With my dad. Who is in the other car (to which I am holding TWO sets of keys right now) en route to UWM.

This? Is not good.

So now I get to carpool down to my advising appointment, where I will undoubtedly be told to take summer school to finished the double major that I can't afford and I looked online this morning and Borders didn't even bother to deposit a check because do you know how much money I made in the last two weeks NOTHING THAT'S HOW MUCH but I love Borders and I keep hoping things are going to get better and I don't want to quit!!!



rockford said...

Not good when the day starts this way...we must do something about our system with the cars - this may surprise you, but it does not appear to be working correctly:( And I am so sorry that you missed, of all things, Mass....

mickey said...

no keys = not good :(