Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And I forgot to send out my cards.

Okay, it was Roe v. Wade day in constitutional history. It happens in every constitutional law class- you devote an entire day to an issue that is not a constitutional issue and should never have gone before the court in the first place and when it did was decided based on a case that was also poorly chosen and ruled upon.

(No, I have no opinions. Why do you ask?)

Which meant that I had to sit through a fantastically awkward debate that I never actually participated in because hey, I don't talk in class about normal things. You can bet that I'm not opening my mouth to talk about anything that requires me to say "uterus".

Hell no.

Anyway, not the funny part. The professor was talking about how there is a pill available to induce an abortion up to fifty five days after conception, and this guy behind me pipes up, "Oh! But it's not 100% reliable. Believe me, I know!"

And the entire class just turned around and looked at him and then burst into laughter just like, "Excuse me?"

It was scary and amusing at the same time.

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imladris said...

Haha uterus. I wish I had your prudence. I can and will say "vajayjay" to anyone who will listen. What was obnoxious in youth, I suspect, will someday prove just plain offensive.