Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I need a break.

I have a tension headache and that causes me to clench my jaw and then that hurts even more. Gah. Hate. Oh, and I burned popcorn earlier, so the house sort of reeks of burnt stuff. And Oust. because the smell was bugging me so much I walked in a circle with the can held above my head.

It's been an interesting day.

All the writing about paramilitary groups- it's getting to me. My professor said that in Germany they made a "Terrorist on Board" maternity t-shirt, because they're so reminiscent for the days of paramilitary groups. Which made me think, 1.) I want one. Just to see what would happen. I really, really want one, and b.) how much does Germany suck now that extreme left-wing student groups are a good time requiring maternity wear?

I seriously need to get out. Or have a drink. One of the two.

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rockford said...

I wish we could figure out how to help you with those headaches - it has just baeen years now....the smell of the popcorn probably did not help though - although it was better than when it got mixed in with the Oust - that was a lovely combo! Feel better!!!