Friday, November 07, 2008

Taking Count

At the end of Friday...

-I still have no grade in cold war.

-I got no painting done, but did clean everything up in the house.

-I raked the front yard and not the backyard because oh, my, Lord SO MANY LEAVES WHY GOD WHY???

-I was called a "woman bartender" like six times.

-I was hit on like six times.

-I was asked if I was single, because (and I quote), "I'm not going home alone." Oh, au contraire, sir.

-I was paid off like a whore.

-All in all, a good day.


mickey said...

wow what a day!!! :)

rockford said...

Sounds like an interesting day - I am glad I know the background story or I would be wondering about what had happened! Great pay though!!! I wish I had gone with you!