Monday, November 03, 2008


Um. Wow. I'm tired. I had, like, tons of stuff to do today, and I accomplished like, maybe 25% of it. But it was the important 25%!!! I got my major/minor out, figured out when I can take the GRE, and finally (?) decided that wasting hours studying and an entire Saturday and the $100 fee to take the LSAT for absolutely no reason would be pretty damn stupid. Oh, and I ironed the jacket I'm going to wear tomorrow.

The Biblical civ paper about the conquest vs. peaceful infiltration or peasant revolt models? Not so much with the "finished".

But it's not my fault! I had a whole little plan and then Colleen came home and the Spring schedule was released and then I had to drive all the way back to frickin' UWM which is, like, far man, and I dislike starting papers when it's already dark outside. (Shut up. I will too do well in graduate school.)

So yeah. Totes not my fault.

Tomorrow is a watershed moment, y'all. No, I don't mean because of the election. Because frankly I may be lazy and incapable of writing after dark, but I'm not stupid and I can see the writing on the wall. It does not say "McCain/Palin 2008".

No, tomorrow is the day I get my cold war paper and midterm back. Which totals like 60% of my grade. And I have absolutely no idea how I did on either of them. I knew what I was talking about, so it could go A. Or it could have been completely not what he was looking for and go D.

Thanks entirely to my Grandfather, I don't know, taking the tests for me from the beyond, I have managed to hold a sold A in every other one of my classes right now, despite the fact that major neural pathways have been damaged from paint fumes and I cringe like a PTSD victim everytime I see a catalogue advertising anything that you would put on an occasional table.

Yeah, I don't know how either.

Anyway, this is my last one and I'm freaking out.

I'm going to bed now. Good night.

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rockford said...

I am sure that Grandpa is helping you because of how much you are helping him and how much you are helping his daughter - I know in my heart that he apprecialtes it all --- and, btw, I know what you mean about the catalogs!!!! It is the strangest feeling I have ever had when I look at any of them - I still enjoy looking but all I see just sayes to me "why would you buy this, someone is just going to throw it out someday...." My whole outlook on life and things has been so drastically altered. Maybe that was Grandpa's last lesson to me, to teach me how very unimportant things are - now if he could just teach me one more - to pay his bills on time so I don't worry about the heat and phone being cut off because I put the bills in a pile and promptly ignore them...I am so old yet have so much growing up to do!!! Also, btw, I think it will be an A, not a D!!!