Saturday, November 15, 2008

My people are an inside people.

I'm fairly certain that the reason my family ended up in the United States was less a hope for a better life and more a the famine cottages? Got a little drafty.

So imagine my amusement at having a twig snap back and end up in my mouth while I teetered through the woods in heeled boots. Or rather, imagine Colleen's amusement, as she was doubled over laughing.

It was fun and there were pictures, which will be up tomorrow probably because I actually have a day off!

Which I am thrilled about if only so that I can begin my paramilitary editing and footnoting and get that out of the way before I have to devote this week to my presentation on where the ancient Israelites came from (Beats me with a stick. Canaan? Maybe? I don't know. Ask me something New Testament.), because Yahweh knows it won't get done Thanksgiving week.

Yes. That is my terribly exciting, glamorous life. IRA and Biblical studies. Woot.


mickey said...

these should be great pictures....yeah!!

rockford said...

I was really afraid your sister would not be able to breath she was laughing so hard -- sad but true! It was great to be back there together though, wasn't it?? It is a beautiful little piece of the wooded north....and your Dad is just a different person when he is walking that so happy...