Sunday, November 02, 2008

My thoughts! Let me show you them!

So TLC is doing a show called "Purity Balls", which, as near as I can tell, is about how dads in the south dress up their daughters in low-cut dresses and then dance with them while forcing them to sign a pledge saying they won't have sex with anyone else.

(I'm sorry. That was uncalled for. But this show? Is creepy and judgemental and not nearly as fun as the preview looked.)

And wow, I have so many comments, but they can be boiled down to my basic philosophy that major decisions should not have to be marked by a ring/pledge/ball, and even the idea of marking it with a ring/pledge/ball infantilizes the person making the decision.

But that's just me. If you want to wear a chastity ring? Whatever doesn't blow your skirt up.

I'm going to go back to watching the crazy people destroy relationships with their daughters because she made a mistake.


imladris said...

I had no problem with the purity soiree, the chastity rings, and the no-sex pledges. The whole "I am your father and your high priest" element really skeeved me out, though.

mickey said...

I think I am glad I am not watching this show....

rockford said...

It is just that your parents are so perfect that all seem to not match up:)