Monday, November 17, 2008

I know I'm inordinately shy, but...

...okay, so you know how at Mass sometimes (especially during the week) some churches do this thing after the petitions where people can say their own special petitions? And they're usually just for kids and parents and abortion and such, but sometimes they're hilarious because you'll get a totally random save those in Russia one? (Yes, there is a whole story that goes with that. It involves a priest yelling. It's interesting.)

Yeah. Those.

Well, this morning I was sitting in church- not my church, and these people are vocal. I mean- LOUD. Screaming, usually. And really, really conservative. The day before the election there were so many for exactly the same stuff that finally the priest was like, "Okay, moving on." Anyway. We got the usual shouting about abortion and then one that kind of made me smile about how the Democrats are going to ruin the country and honey, if we could survive the moral decay that was the Clinton administration, we can survive anything.

But then this one guy prays for more healthy sex within marriage, and the end of sick sex within marriage.


Yeah. It got really quiet. Really fast.

I mean, I get where he's coming from and all Awkward.

Anyway. That's my story for today.


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rockford said...

Say What???? I can't even imagine the strange sound of silence that must have produced --- plus, where do you go from there, the poor next guy who wanted to pray for his successful surgery had to be a little afraid to even speak!!! I'll bet the next time you to there will be no prayers asked for anymore!!! Why did you not tell me this story - it is priceless!

mickey said...

wow.....where do you go to church??