Saturday, November 08, 2008

Now, if only he'd open a credit card in my name...

HELL TO THE YEAH I GOT AN A IN COLD WAR. On both the paper and midterm.

This makes me deliriously happy and also confirms my suspicions that professors are drunk most of the time, because that? Was not an A paper.

This also confirms my suspicions that I would make an excellent professor. Especially since I spent this evening drinking sangria and writing a con law paper and frankly I think a little vino makes my constitutional analysis much, my better.

I'm going to kick ass at this whole professor thing.

Oh, and we figured out that I could add a fireplace for like five grade. Score. Now, I just need some guy who has five grand and wants to buy me a fireplace. You can contact me through this blog!!!


rockford said...

A fireplace sounds beautiful but why do you need some guy to buy it for you - you are, in fact, going to graduate some day and I have no doubt that you will than be an employed professor....alas, a fireplace can be purchased!!:) Congrats on the A - I know how long you waited for that grade to come out!

imladris said...

Bahaha this post is RIDDLED with grammatical errors, drunkface.

mi_morena said...

IT does not, there are just two typos and that's because I have weird spastic fingers. Like, I just typed "fingres".