Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Long Weekend.

It was a good weekend. I mean, yeah, there was screaming and crying and fighting and then some furniture-moving, but there was also stuffing. Which makes up for, like, a lot. I even got to sleep in on Wednesday, a pretty damn awesome occurrence in the middle of the semester. And I got sent home from work early today because, shockingly, no one wanted to brave the supposedly apocalyptic storms (Although looking outside I see mostly rain? Is it getting worse? Or am I just stupid?) to buy the new book about Andrew Jackson. Although several people did call to say that they were camping out for the Joyce Meyer event tomorrow night.

Um. Okay. It's winter. And snowing. But hey, whatever blows your self-help skirt up.

But it's over now and I have to brave the supposedly apocalyptic residue to prove that the Bible isn't a fraud in Hebrew Studies. And then actually show up again on Wednesday. *woe*

Three more weeks. And counting.

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mickey said...

I only live 2 miles from you and what I am seeing is NOT rain!!!! It appears the snow has decided to hit 2 miles from your home so I am happy for you :) And yes stuffing is always good :)