Monday, November 10, 2008

Dear Village of Whitefish Bay:

Um. Yeah. We've had a complicated relationship, I know. I mean, you have drivers that are crazy. But on the other hand, you have Bayshore. Which I love. Or rather, loved. When I wasn't poor and considering prostitution as a viable way to pay for my graduate degree(s).

Recently, we've been okay. But this morning, we had a problem. See, it's Monday. I have a lovely Monday routine. It involves your Starbucks. Frankly, I would maybe have to drive into Lake Michigan on the way to school on Mondays if I didn't have an overpriced cup of milk to look forward to. (I didn't say it was healthy, I just said it was lovely.)

Except this morning. This morning, dear village, you decided to have road construction. Now, I'm not too pleased with the fact that you decided to tear up Silver Spring when clearly you should have realized that I use it quite often because Capitol Drive is scary, man, and I like laughing at the crazy people doing yoga on the bluff. But okay, I can forgive you. Mostly I'm mad at myself for always forgetting until I end up on Silver Spring and then have to turn and take weird tiny little roads past schools I didn't even know existed to pick up Colleen on Fridays, but whatever. My Starbucks was always okay.

Until this morning. When they were closed because they had no electricity because there was construction right in front of it.

Not okay, Whitefish Bay. NOT OKAY. I don't care that it's mildly inconvenient to drive around, but YOU DO NOT SCREW WITH MY STARBUCKS, MMKAY??? I have a very long week ahead of me, and dammit, I need a venti skinny caramel latte in a Christmas cup.

Let's hope this is cleared up by next Monday, or I may have to take my business elsewhere. To the Starbucks up the road. Yeah. That'll show you.



mickey said...

yeah that construction is need a new starbucks...:):)

rockford said...

How dare they fool with your starbucks - do they not understand your Monday morning routine???