Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I had a story, I really did.

I remember sitting in some class this morning thinking, "Hmm. I should write this down." But I didn't, and obviously now I don't remember what it is.

I have end of the semseter brain. It's kind of like pregnancy brain, but without the screaming child at the end. You just get another 18 credits on your trasncript. Less adorable, but also easier to take care of. Multiple papers and projects and presentations and yeah, I'm burned out.

And also freezing. Really. Really. Freezing.

So I'm going to go watch Bones (Season 3 on DVD! WHEE!!!) and go to bed. Good night.


mickey said...

I believe you had a story......it is soooooooo cold you just can't remember anything!!!!!!!

rockford said...

I'm so sorry that you forgot your story - they are always so entertaining!! I am also sorry that you are so cold - I know it is bad when your Dad comes home and turns UP the heat!!! I guess I am trying a little too hard to conserve on the heating bill....sorry:(