Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back Home Again.

AOL is being temperamental and cutting out every few minutes, so this will probably be quick. But I know you missed me! Right? RIGHT? I need constant validation, dammit.

Kentucky was amazing- pretty, fun, not too hot (always a concern when one's hair rivals Eris in terms of temperamental red-headedness). I got to dip my own bourbon bottle, took a picture of Thomas Merton Square (Seven Storey Mountain- whoo!!!), got carded, and even went to a Sonic.

Meh. I was frankly a little bit unimpressed. Culvers is better.

A few things- I know Colleen just wrote the same thing, but Indiana? STINKS. I don't know what it is (well, actually I do- it's stagnant water) but dear God I wanted to hurl five seconds after crossing the state line. I am not even kidding.

There are nowhere near enough Taco Bells across the midwest. Should you desire a chicken fiesta burrito for lunch, you will be forced to drive halfway across the state before you finally find one. *woe*

Should I ever find anyone willing to put up with my crabby unique personality, I will not be having a bachelorette party. Because I saw several of these in progress at dinner on Saturday, and wow, how embarrassing for everyone involved. Embarrassing for the women who are forced to get all gussied up and pretend to be happy for their committed friend, embarrassing for the waitress who has to scream at the top of her lungs and get the crowd to yell "Don't do it!" in unison (whatever, bitch, just bring me another drink), embarrassing for the bride who is doing a shot from the cute waiter's lap, and most of all embarrassing for the cute waiter who could probably sue Hard Rock Cafe for sexual harassment for allowing the drunk bride to do a shot off of his lap.

Ugh. It was gross and hilarious at the same time.

But now I'm home and I really like being home. Brothers and Sisters is on (Justin and Rebecca just made out in front of Sarah's kids who still think that they're biologically brother and sister- oh, how I've missed you this summer my dear friends.) Tomorrow should be kind of crazy- school, Celine Dion concert (yes, my heart will go on, Celine!!!) and somewhere in there I have to write a seven page critical analysis of a book about the Cuban Revolution for my Cold War class.

I'm actually contemplating making a lovely title page, and then on the first page of the paper just writing, "Dear Professor *Blank*, Isn't the internet wonderful? Thanks to the lovely and informative Wisconsin Circuit Court website, I know that you were arrested for being drunk and disorderly three years ago. I got really busy this week, and just couldn't finish. You understand, right? Love, Morena."

I think that would go over really well.

Oh, and because my mom fell asleep before it came on- the SNL opening from last night. I love Tina-Fey-as-Sarah-Palin.


rockford said...

Thanks so much for the SNL opening - I did not have to go searching!!! It was just too funny!!! There were little snippets I remember hearing on Saturday night....So, you were not afraid to say that Sonic was just so-so???? I know someone who differs!!! I loved all of your facebook photos and comments -- it was a great trip - thanks for joining us!!! And, yes, there was an aroma as we entered and left Indiana - that must have been some storm!!!

mickey said...

welcome back - glad you had fun - enjoy Celine:):):)