Saturday, September 06, 2008

Two Months Later

Okay, so this is like ridiculously old, but I just heard about it today in Entertainment Weekly. and then I freaked out because how? How can my fandom be so inferior that I had NO IDEA of this horrible turn of events?

Then I looked at the "July 16th" date stamp and went, "Oh. Right." I was just slightly preoccupied in the middle of July.

Anyway, Boston Legal ends this season, with only 13 episodes.

*is in mourning*


imladris said...

Ugggggh that show irritates me to no end. I will miss James Spader's biting wit. I will not miss seeing all the hot young legal tail he inexplicably hits ever week.

mickey said...

no no no...I love that show...Denny Crane lol