Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm fairly certain you can see my lymph nodes.

Ugh. I do not feel well. I think I have John's/Mary's/the regular September cold and OH NOT ENJOYING. Perhaps because of my new excessive hydration, I'm not congested, but I can't swallow without it feeling like I've put chards of glass on my ice cream that I am consuming by the gallon because it makes me feel better! It's medicinal!

I was going to be all responsible and push through and go to school today, but I woke up at six like I was supposed to and decided that hauling my dead-feeling person to watch James Cameron's take on the historicity of the Exodus was really not an even trade off. Then I fell asleep for another four hours.

Did actually have a productive day. I finished my paper, and then spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around my house talking aloud to myself about Daniel O'Connell and Charles Stewart Parnell (he was born in 1846, took over the Irish party in 1879, galvanized the group behind the liberal party, pushed through a home rule bill in 1886, and was finally brought down because he couldn't keep it in his pants- although I'm going to word that last part a little bit differently on my exam.)

Oh, and Mommy, you took it too literally yesterday. We were children long before Spongebob was around, and you hardly ever snapped. It was a totally hypothetical Britain-Mom and Home Rule-Spongebob. Also, if I was going for accuracy, I would have had the dinner be chicken and rice and tomato sauce. :)

Then President Bust decided to talk right during the beginning of Criminal Minds and wow, I have never hated anyone as much as I hate you right now, Mr. President.

Thankfully, he was brief, and now I am enjoying my amazing series once again. *squee*

Up next- CSI:NY. Flack's sister shows up. ZOMG.


rockford said...

Thank you for straightening out yesterday's post -- you're right, I "almost never" snapped:) Oh, I do miss those childhood days when we were all together all day and the big decisions were should we play inside or outside...sorry, little tangent there....anyway, you will succeed beautifully in your test today and I am glad you stayed home yesterday to give your poor little body a much needed rest - glad you are feeling better and so happy that your shows were finally on last night!!! Did he not know that this was premeir week????

mickey said...

ahhhhhhh.....I wasn't home on Wednesday night so I set the dvr...I am now thinking I won't see the end of one of my shows because it appears they didn't start on time!!!!!!!!!! I might need to call you to find out how something ended...this is not good!!!!! Hope you are feeling better:):)