Thursday, September 25, 2008

I could *never* have championed Home Rule.

I am emphatically not an organizational genius like Charles Stewart Parnell. As evidenced by the fact that I just figured out what clothes to take along. And figured out where my camera was.


Test went well. I obviously don't know how well he'll like my essay, but I know I knew everything and I wrote for 73 of the 75 minutes, so that's pretty good. I'm hoping A.

I had a ton of things to do today, but I kind of...didn't. For no good reason. The internets? Are fun? And American Girl? Was on QVC?

(Loves me some American Girls. Although the changed the box. It's not all pretty and maroon-y now. Boo.)

Now I'm going to go finish packing, and then fall asleep. Hopefully I'll have more to contribute to the sucking hole of internet tomorrow morning.


mickey said...

Have fun:):):)

rockford said...

It was such fun to see the American Girls on TV -- they always bring back such happy memories!!! I guess they do not have to travel to Kentucky with us this time though, huh??? :) Congrats on the test - I am sure you got an A....