Thursday, September 11, 2008

Random Thoughts on My Birthday

They are not connected, except that they all occurred to me at some point today. :)

I think I should go buy some alcohol. It would be fun. And also we need wine.

We talked about Dublin's St. Patrick's cathedral in class this morning, and how it's kind of incongruous that this major Irish cathedral is, in fact, Anglican. I laughed a little in my head because when my mom and grandmother were in Ireland they actually tried to go to Mass there because they didn't realize that it wasn't Catholic. Ahaha.

I think the EMS Building at school is actually trying to kill me. Every time I go to class I think I'm going up the right staircase and then end up at the end of some obscure hallway and have to wander aimlessly until I find room 237. I swear to God, it's like freaking Harry Potter. The staircases move.

Why is it always hot on my birthday? It's been like fifty for two weeks, and now it's 75 and sunny? Why, God, why? Have my people not suffered enough??? We do not do well in the heat.

Why are people insisting on asking stupid questions all through all of my classes today? Of course St. Patrick is Catholic. There was only Catholic in the fourth century. Martin Luther wouldn't be born for a thousand years. Gah. Stupid stupid stupid. And seriously? When was the Inquisition? You're in an upper-level history class that, btw, was TALKING ABOUT NOTHING HAVING TO DO WITH THE INQUISITION. *stabbitystabbitystabbity*


I have a Mark Rothko poster now. And I love it and think it looks artsy and fun. And the enigma that is me continues.

Today was the first 9/11 that I didn't wake up thinking about the terrorist attacks. Like, I didn't exactly forget, it just wasn't the first thing that popped into my head. I kind of hate myself for that.

My grandpa didn't call me this morning. He always called us on our birthdays before we left for school. (Okay, so the last few years I've stayed home. Not the point.) It bothered me more than I thought it would. He probably isn't going to come out to see me this afternoon, either. I don't remember anything about last year except he came out- I really wish I did.

So I wore something that reminded me of him and while I didn't get to talk to him, he did come to class with me (he would have been happy that I was going to school, even on my birthday :)).

Ironically, he already bought me a card (I found it when I was cleaning), and I think he sent me this book in the mail (he would not have ordered a book about 1968 in life).

Okay. Now I'm crying and I need a drink. Which I can get myself. Because I'm old now.


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rockford said...

Things are just so different now in so many little and big ways...I hope that you had a good birthday though - Grandpa would most certainly want you to be happy...the first of each event is going to be so difficult....

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