Friday, September 05, 2008

It's embarrassing, but I've actually rented Strangers with Candy.

Did you know Amy Sedaris was in Maid in Manhatten? I didn't. I freaking love Amy Sedaris. She's adorable. And weird. And adorable again.

ALSO! In a bizarre, free-association Six-Degrees-of sort of connection, Justin Theroux, aka Crazy Hot John Hancock, is in Strangers with Candy!

Playing someone name Carlo Honklin. Huh. I don't remember him at all. Wow. Cannot believe I missed him.

Damn. Now I need to rent, like, tomorrow.

It's okay. We've already established that I love Amy Sedaris. And everyone else associated with that movie, even if I didn't find it hilarious because I was a teensy bit young for the TV show. Still. Love her.

Also squared! Colleen is home. Yayness. Now I won't have to watch the movie alone!

ETA: Okay. I realize I'm now just connecting the Daily Show dots, but John Oliver's Terrifying Times is on and I am dying with as much laughter as I was in April when it orignally aired. Yes. In fifty years I will be ashamed to enter ANY museum. *squee*


mickey said...

I am very confused...the only name I recognized in this blog was Colleen!!!! Glad she is home so you can watch movies together. I did see Maid in Manhatten, but I have no idea who this Amy person is?????

Red Eyes of Fire said...

Saw this a few years back. You must be thinking of returning to school?

imladris said...

I want to marry John Oliver.