Tuesday, September 02, 2008

There was no picture this year.

When we were little, my parents would take our picture on the first day of school standing in front of the fireplace. We figured that by junior year, perhaps we did not need to do that. Although we may have done it two years ago. Maybe.

Colleen did well! Not that I really expected her not to, but as my first day of college wasn't exactly a day I return to fondly in my dreams, I'm very glad for her. And apparently my devotion and sore butt I got from sitting outside her classics class results in the forgiveness of (some?) of my debt! I'm still unsure about the cookies. The cookies seem almost more like student loans, debt you can't get rid of even if you declare bankruptcy for sit in Curtin Hall for an hour.

So my classes. They were...well, pretty predictable. Ireland sounds amazing because oh! Anytime I can hear about Britain in the 1100's? Sign me up. Imperialism looks good too- the "major" term paper is 10-12 pages and not due until December. Pssh. Baby stuff.

2oth Century in Global Perspective turned out to actually be just the Cold War because the professor (who is EIGHT YEARS into his doctorate and STILL DOESN'T HAVE IT and OMG I AM GOING TO ROT IN HOLTON HALL NOT EVEN COUNTING THE THEOLOGY ONE *woe*) only really cares about that. But I like the Cold War. So this is good. He's really boring and kind of has a bad attitude (might be the failed dreams), but still.

Tomorrow I have art history, con law substitute (still pretty much con law, but technically a history class), and Jewish Biblical history. I know exactly how con law will go (and I'm trying to ignore that), and I know I'll like art history, so unless Jewish civ completely SUCKS this should be a pretty good semester.

Speaking of art history (and we really almost always are), Architect Daddy pointed out that I was remiss in my attribution this weekend, and he's right. It is Romanesque. But not really. There's some Spanish influence, and I stand by my pointed arches. Should I ever be bequeathed a fiefdom by her Imperial Highness, I will make Architect Daddy a vassal and should he ever get into any wars, I will pay for him to go to battle. Of course, in I ever get into any wars, he'll have to go die instead of my kids. But it's best to focus the honor of this post. :)

Oh! And I have friends in my classes! That I totally didn't realize until she walked in! *squee*

Oh! And also apparently my professor's ongoing struggle to pronounce my last name weighs so heavily on his mind that he feels the need to bring it up in classes I'm not a part of.

This morning in Ireland during roll call he mangled my last name and was like, "I seriously need to write that down," because EVERY SINGLE TIME I got a test or was called on or whatever last year he was incapable of pronouncing my name. Whatever. So in Imperialism he got it right (well, close to right, but I'm not splitting hairs) and was like, "Yes! After only calling your name 87 times over the last year, I finally got it right! I was even talking about you in my Arab-Israeli class an hour ago! And I'm sure the rest of you are so glad that I share so much!" Mary was laughing ridiculously hard and Kim was smirking. It was a trifle amusing.

He didn't even try with Mary's. It was like, "Mary Na...Mary, where are you?" *giggle*

I'm still fairly certain that when I get my first test back it will be with a first name only.


mickey said...

glad things went well for both of you today...big days!!! I loved con law...I know you don't usually think of me when thinking of "high grades" :)...but believe it or not Mickey's grade was the highest mid term grade in con law...CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????? You will do very very well in all your classes...remember "you rock" :)

rockford said...

I am so happy that things seem to be going well so far!! One is never too sure when signing up for classes but it seems you did quite well....thanks for being such a great sister too - Imladris appreciated your care and help!!!