Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I seriously need to go back to Concordia.

At Concordia, the worst sort of activism we had was when Facebook was relatively new and somebody freaked out and posted flyers all over to help us with our "addiction".

At UWM today some crazy guy was standing in the middle of the plaza screeching about God's laws and the rapture and whatever, I don't know, for like an hour. And then some people would start singing in protest but I couldn't hear what they were saying. And then some guy started screaming, like, really screaming- wild, primal screams.

Dear God. I need to get out.


mickey said...

This does not sound like a good day.... :(

rockford said...

Well, it is almost like a taste of the, too, get to hear random screaming and you don't have to pay for housing!!! What a deal!! Hope today is a bit more quiet!!! Even if it isn't, your day will be better because it started with muffins!!!!:)